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"The plan is nothing; the planning is everything."

Dwight Eisenhower


APL Consultants

APL Consultants provide consulting, systems analysis, design and programming services for IT related projects.

Our team has experience in providing IT solutions for various business, industrial and banking environments primarily with projects developed using eDeveloper, SAP Business One and iBolt on various platforms, using both client/server and browser based Internet technologies.


ALUThe Three Stages of the
Enterprise Software-as-a-Service Relationship
And what to do next.
By: Avigdor Luttinger

When picturing the relationship between the enterprise and the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model, imagine an evolutionary process that can be divided into three main stages: “The Comfort Zone,” “The Enlightenment,” and “The Re-Assessment.” Once we examine these, we can then decide on the right course of action when choosing how to adapt to the IT demands of the enterprise.

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