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"The plan is nothing; the planning is everything."

Dwight Eisenhower


APL Consultants

Daniel Portnoy

Industrial & Management Engineer, BSc from the Technion in Haifa, Israel.
More than 15 years experience as engineer, including five years as Operations Research officer in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) and five years at Negev Phosphates in Israel, the last 2 years  as Head of the Industrial Engineering department.

More than 22 years of experience in IT as Systems Analyst and Designer, Project manager and developer- for the past 19 years in Switzerland.

Expert knowledge of Magic eDeveloper, starting as beta tester of the product in 1984 and then as a continuous user of the product, including the current version 10.x.
Involved in both Client/Server and Inter/Intranet projects on various platforms and data bases.
Experienced instructor for eDeveloper, both in classroom and on-site on-the-job, following and supporting project development.

One year of experience with SAP Business One.

Knowledge in use of iBolt as an integration and enhancement tool to SAP BO and eDeveloper.

Notable projects during the last few years:

  • CallCenter (Out going) for Ringier AG.
  • Upgrade and partial rewrite of Ringier AG subscription management system from Magic 5.x to eDeveloper V9.4.
  • D.R.I.T.S and iDrits (Document Recording, Information and Tracking System) for the UN in Geneva.
  • MIIPS – Medical Insurance Invoice Processing System for FKB (Freiwillige Krankenkasse Balzers) in Lichtenstein.
  • Ventus – the members management system for SNG (Société Nautique de Genève).
  • APH – the Pharmatic AG system for hospital pharmacies. Initial development several years ago and recent rewrite/upgrade to Magic 9.4.

Additional reference clients:

  • LWF – The Lutheran World Federation in Geneva.
  • TCS – Geneva section.
  • UNHCR in Geneva